Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Very Corporate Christmas

At a recent corporate holiday party, a rather bold co-worker dressed up in Trevor's elf outfit and lip-synced to an awful rendition of Oh Holy Night....

It was hilarious, entertaining, and refreshing....  Everyone was having a good chuckle... well mostly everyone.  We walked into this e-mail Monday morning:

Dear Colleagues,

An anonymous letter was received from an employee who expressed appreciation for our recent holiday party.  However, the letter also indicated that some of our employees were deeply offended by the ‘spoof’ of the song Oh Holy Night that was performed at the party. 

I was sadden to receive this letter as the intent of the party was to create an atmosphere where employees felt appreciated for their efforts and enjoyed the time they spent together.

After closer review of the lyrics of the song, I now understand why the well intended effort to add levity to the party was in fact misguided and inappropriate.  While the Employee Events Committee put forth months of effort on the many details planning the party, had we been more vigilant on this part of the event I’m sure we would have decided on a different song.

On behalf of the company, the Events Committee members and the performer of the skit, I extend my sincere regrets to those who were in any way offended or felt uncomfortable with it.
I hope all those adversely affected understand and forgive what was an unfortunate oversight.

Happy Holidays,

Your HR manager

Oh Christmas sensitivities....


AL said...

I bought those pants for Secret Santa...
NiNi & got them & traded them away to Trev.

So I accept FULL responsibility.
This was all my fault.

Happy Festivus!

Mary Ellen said...

Is Angela from The Office now in charge of your party planning committee??

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