Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seven Years, Bad Memories

January 31st, 2012 marked our just-about-7-year anniversary.  Both of us were pretty busy.  I was working down in LA for a couple days.  Trev's been working on grading papers and submitting grant requests.  The occasion was on the back burner.  I picked Trev up from school that night.  Suggested we go out to dinner.   Trev suggests we get a frozen pizza at the grocery store and head home.  I suggest we just go to Cody's Cafe right next to the grocery store (compromise).  We pull into the parking lot and get out of the  car....I ask Trevor if he happened to remember that today was our anniversary.... He stops in his tracks, looks up at the sky, and gasps like he's seen a ghost.

He didn't remember.  To his credit, he remembered our first anniversary when I had forgotten it. That has pretty much gotten him off the hook for life.

The past couple weeks Trev's been working late-nighters which means his memory is probably suffering.  So him forgetting what day it is was not a surprise.  I don't give him any grief for the anniversary slip.  But I also happen to know that groundhog's day is one of Trevor's favorite days and favorite movies.  So this morning when Trev's half asleep, I thought I'd be sure to remind him that it's his favorite day of the year.  I poke him in his comatose state and say "hey ya know what day it is today?"  and he mumbles "groundhog day!!" ....priorities...

Maybe we should change our anniversary date....

Well Happy Anniversary Trevor....Here's about 300 photos of the first 7 years:

I love my iphone......I love my shoe

Happy New Years 2011

Ginger's wedding

Outer Banks, NC

Celena's wedding

kite wars

snail house

St. Patty's day in LA

Bevin's wedding


the narcaleptic godfather

Nancy's wedding

my 23rd birthday

we didn't always get along...

our first pet, stinky cat
 Our first vacation...Puerto Rico



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