Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Dirty Boy Who Could

This is the boyfriend of my five-year-old dreams:

He always had a real rebel style.....

Here are some things he liked:
He still likes sleeping.  Sometimes I think he would never get out of bed if someone didn't tell him it's time to get up. He still likes sweets, but he won't often buy them.  When he does though, they are gone in 60 seconds.

He are some things he didn't like:
He has since started liking or at least tolerating broccoli and tomatoes

Here is his family:
He's got some flyin' sisters and some spacial planning problems.

Here is one of his first acrostic poems:
In summary: He is athletic, he runs fast, he eats a lot, he does what he is told (this is true), and he reads books (this is a lie).

Him from his perspective:
He really likes his cousin Tommy and he wouldn't change a thing about himself...including handing in incomplete homework assignments.

Three words that describe him:
Fast, Smart, Weird.....still applicable

This is his happy place:
A brown spot on a diving board.... hope that represents you...

His piano aspirations:
A professional piano player indeed...not aperfeshinal speller, however.

First three sentences off the top of his head? Go!
I agree with the teacher on this one

This one's a little better:

First haiku hybrid:

Apparently his favorite movie was "Look Who's Talking?"

The gardening side of Trevor has yet to blossom:

But he also has an artististic side:
Frank Viola from the Minnesota Twins anyone?....yea, I have no idea either.

And he sure loves his poetry:
Peter Pumpkin sat on a porch. Peter Pumpkin fell on a horse.  Peter Pumpkin fell off the horse.  And landed on the porch.

He writes letters to service men:

what a nice guy

And his sister writes letters to him:
Nothin' like a good sister to call it like it is...

When asked to write a paragraph about his favorite pet he replied:

His birthday requests are still the same:
   One year I got him 40 bags of loops, he was disappointed..... The third one is always easy. Even if I get him nothing, at least it isn't clothes.

Him in his own words:

And this is how he ended up out west:
Trevor never went on plane until he was 20 something years old.... But a boy can dream...


AL said...

I think I remember the year when Trevor went from admiring Tommy
to Larry Bird... Tommy was no longer the most important person his life.
What a year that was!

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