Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kilt or Skirt?

Question: what do Scottish men where under their kilts?

Answer: socks and shoes

Question: what's the difference between a skirt and a kilt?

Answer: you wear underpants under a skirt

Today Edinburgh hosted France in a six nations rugby match. The streets were filled with French people all weekend. And the Scots were all walking around singing in their kilts. The game started at 4pm and needless to say by the time darkness fell, everyone in the city was pissed...drunk that is. Walking down the street dodging piles of puke, I heard a drunk Scottish woman hollering at a drunk Scottish man.  She was accusing him of wearing underpants under is kilt. The drunk Scottish man grumbles that he ain't wearin' no underpants under his kilt, he ain't wearin' nothin.' She kindly says she does not believe him and to please show her proof (with a few slurs and expletives thrown in)....

The Scottish lad was indeed not wearing underpants under his kilt.

Photo courtesy of the interwebs.


Josh said...

Fun fact: Kilts were invented and popularized around the end of the 16th Century, almost 200 years after the death of William Wallace.

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