Friday, February 24, 2012

What do you call an indirect reference to an eye doctor?....An optical allusion!

Why did the blind man get promoted? 

..because he no longer required supervision...

(Julie original)

Today in Scotland I came to the realization that a joke is to words what an optical illusion is to art. 

Hmm is "art" the best word? Images?  Matter? Why am I even trying this.  I hate analagies. I could always find an association between everything... I failed that section of the SATs over and over and over again.

A joke is to audio what optical illusions are to visuals.

Is that any better?  Am I starting to make sense?

It makes so much sense to me... but then again I am alone in a 200 year old hotel room, thousands of miles away from anyone who would put me in my place and I'm a few glasses deep. 

In all honesty though why do I love jokes? 

Becasue they're funny, duh. 

Ok, that wasn't funny..

Jokes make you think twice about the same word... :
  • supervision....super vision?  
  • Hoof- hearted..... Who farted?
  • Why'd the chicken kill himself... to get to the other side... of life ...not the road
  • I eat mop who?....ew
  • armies and sleevies
  • interrupting cow....moo
  • red paint blue paint
Well I guess not all jokes are based on a double meaning word play....  I am disproving my own theory. Right when I thought I was having a break through...

I've broken through all right...

.......................losing it..........................

............lost it............


*Re-Fill Intermission*


Feeling refreshed!  Now, what was I saying?  Something about how much I love a good joke? (Who doesn't?) Trying to segway into my new found love for optical illusions? (is segway even a verb?).... Failing? ... Yep, that's where I left off.  Well, let's just uncover what sparked that embarassing downward spiral into confusion... 

Start simple: 
  • Today after work I went to Camera Obscura in Edinburgh
  • Work ran late so we had to scramble through some back alley ways to get there on time
  • Just kidding this is the driveway behind the hotel:

  • We arrived late to the museum and missed the 20 minute guided tutorial so I'm not even too sure what a camera obscura is but it has something to door with mirrors, images, and optical illusions.
  • At the top of the museum are some pretty great views of Edinburgh:

  •  Inside were some pretty entertaining optical illusions
Ok, so we have all seen a fun house mirror before...big whoop

shake my hand... my own hand

  • But doesn't this look fun!?
that was a rhetorical question

  • Here are some lights
The lights seem to go far back but they are only a few inches deep ..ok photos aren't that exciting ...tough crowd tonight

  • Then we got to play around in a mirror maze
running into mirrors hurts

I quickly learned to locate mirror vs. non-mirror by picking out the oily smudges from previous clutzes

  • Guess what's for dinner?
Bore's head
Hey, who are you calling a bore!?

I finally remembered how I originally got the idea for this blog! It's where I get all my greatest ideas....from where I get all my Linsanity updates, my  engagement updates, my baby picture fixes, my NJ weather forecasts.... you guessed it....


Today on facebook my cousin posted this:

And this made me associate jokes with optical illusions....because most jokes start with an accidental slip up.

Nope, still can't do it... something is still missing in the association..  I just don't think I can pull it off.  Not tonight... Not like this... This blog should be scrapped..




I now present you with my favorite part of the Camera Obscura museum... the artwork:

Pretty cool huh?  I don't really get it but I think it looks cool.

Which running monster man is bigger?
They are both the same size... Were you fooled?  I was.... I always am.

What do you think is on a man's mind?

a balding streak on the side of his head?  or something more feminine?

Alright museum there are children here!
kids like dolphins

Which way does the water fall?
M.C.E.....may cause epilepsy

An old hag on the street?
or your future wife?

The Mona Lisa
Queen of Cat and Bunnies

The Face of Vanity?

A gossiping group of girls?!

Nice donkey
what's the tail supposed to be....

Bald boobies

High flying!
bed jumping

And my particular favorite....

The End. 


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