Monday, April 9, 2012

Ich Liebe Blogging

Oh farfrombloggin, how this last month has tortured me.....  "Where have I been" might you ask? ...around... around the globe, around my cubicle, festering around, whining around, taxing around (not a phrase),  traveling around.. Traveling for work..glorious or grievous?  How about, awful?!  That's right... I give it one big Overrated.

Germany.  Even though it was cloudy and rainy everyday in Scotland, there was still something "sunny" about it...the old architecture...the boisterous people...the cozy pubs...the occasional rainbow...  Germany was also cloudy and rainy but there was something a little cold and gray about the place.... oh right, that would probably be me.... cold, old, tired, gray .... my hair for one literally sprouting gray shoots left and right from work-induced anxiety, coupled with my cold and lonely mood...depresssssssing....Where are my friends?  Why am I here?  When can I go home? I miss my bed...

I felt slightly more comfortable working in Scotland where questions were asked and conversations flowed, work-related or personal.  I didn't have to think too much about what I was saying.   On the contrary, in Germany, once I was finished talking, no one had any questions or comments or concerns or cares...OKkkk.....mooooving onnnnnn.....  I am going to puke all day long....

My former boss one told me I was "as cool as a cucumber" when I told her I was freaking out just thinking about having to go on sales trips.    If by "cool as a cucumber" she meant shaky and paranoid as a scrawny little chihuahua that overdosed on coffee and skittles.... then I would say, yep, that's exactly how I feel...a perfect mix between Ren (from him and Stimpy) and that little crackhead rabbit from the Mad Hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland...yes that is me to a tea.

I did find some interesting things in Germany. The city I was working in sported a Statue-of-Liberty inspired tribute to Hercules with accompanying dried up waterfall:


I also visited a night in Frankfurt:
Town Square

Bridge with locks of love
Debit and Credit... the twin towers of Frankfurt's financial district

Frankfurt's Botanical Gardens...gorgeous!

One highlight of the trip was the opportunity to hang out with the famous Robert Becker:


The other highlight was stumbling upon German children's book about sex, love, and babies. Written and illustrated by the children themselves.  Thank you Google translate for the slightly inaccurate translations.  It never gets old....

Translation:  To feed needs a bosom wife.

Translation: At birth the baby receives the first time around on the wrong world.

Translation: To make the baby is already quite an effort, the female.

Translation:  If that is making a lot of sex's twins.

Translation: Most babies do nothing.  But maybe a little pee pee.

Translation:  Babies come with bald to weld.

Translation:  When my little sister crying saying daddy, get the mom or grandma!

Translation:  Without sex, we were extinct like the dinosaurs.


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