Friday, April 20, 2012

The Therapeutic Effects of Junkyard Jewels

Date:  April 20, 2012

Patient Name:  Erickson, Julie

Sex: F

Age: 28y/o

Symptoms:   Patient reports rapid heart beat experienced daily when first arousing from slumber. Heart palpitations are secondary to the unwillingness to get out of bed in the morning,  an inability to focus on anything other than negative feelings towards her job, and an overall lack of happiness in her professional endeavors.   Patient has been maintaining her condition for some time now with the regulated use of denial, alcohol, and the comic relief of her partner to suppress most of her symptoms.   Recently,  an unanticipated outburst of sobbing has motivated patient to seek medical attention.*

Diagnosis:  Work-induced anxiety disorder with moderate to severe impairment of otherwise superb social personality traits.

Prognosis:  If left untreated, a borderline benign infection of this nature can and will develop into metastatic disease with symptoms radiating in to not just professional but also personal life: friends, family, relationships, social life. In this case, the transition is already becoming apparent.  Temporary separation from the source of anxiety may cause some relief of patient symptoms, however long term separation is recommended to fully alleviate all pathological indications.

Doctor's orders:
  • Long Term Prescription: New Job
  • Short Term Prescription: Mental Health Day  

Now, what better way to take care of your mental health than with a little retail therapy?  I love buying other people's junk!

Today's therapeutic purchases:

Insert Monster here

Frames and Mirrors...because you never know when they might come in handy...

Boxes...again, see reasoning for "Frames and Mirrors:"

Picture of sailors playing poker:

Picture of a Grandma dressed up like a clown with a Koala bear giving her a hug:
Inscription on the back:  An Original Granny ..."All you need is love"
 An embroidered apron:
With the tags still on..looks like it is from Russia or Turkey

A pimpin' 80's sweater with neon red lingerie bloomers:
Helz yes!

 And my retail therapy purchase from last weekend which makes me instantly happy just looking at it:
Betsy J. in the house

 And super cool leather booties:

I love LOVE love thrift store how to turn that into a full time job?

Maybe it's time to open up an online store.  I don't really know where to put all this junk I just bought anyway....

*Note: I did not actually seek professional medical attention.


Colleen E. said...

Do it! Let's start a business!

Anonymous said...

1) Selling site:
2) Start-up books:

3) 10 Words + 2 Letters:
"If it is to be, it is up to me."
4) You can do it...


Anonymous said...

Time to buy that VW camper van and tour the US selling your goodies out the back! Great boots and dress, by the way! Sallyxoxoxo And by the way, I have 2 shop assistants for you who will work for free just to sleep in the VW!!!

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