Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bored Games

Sometimes when I'm bored I'll go on craigslist and see what other people are up to... see what jobs are available, see what people are giving away for free, and most entertaining: checking out the "strictly platonic" and "missed connections" sections.

The following made it into my "these-make-me-feel-better-about-myself" category:

"Hello All! How pathetic is this; 10 O'clock on a Friday night trying to find people to hang out with. I'm fun-loving, smart, and I love to enjoy laugh and live life to its fullest. If I had a guitar I would write a ballad about how awesomely cool I am ;) I love sports, animals, movies, music, reading detective fiction novels. I also enjoy a good tearjerker such as Where the Fern Grows. For a while I told people that my Grandmother died as an excuse for my puffy eyes. I'd love to met up for a drink or a quick bite to eat."

"Yeah so I'm in my last year of college and know pretty much everyone by now (small school). I have great friends but am just bored with the same old same old, looking for someone new in my life to stir things up. Super busy with school/work so I haven't really had many chances to meet new people the past couple months, nor will I the next few months! Not looking to hookup really want someone I can more hang out and do things with! a little about me- I rock climb, I like photography and cars, I get bored easily, and I laugh a lot, even if its at my own expense!

"Do you have the kind of job that bores you as much as you can stand? Would someone to talk to, via email or text, to flirt with to get to know better, during the day make your work day more enjoyable? Would your day go faster with someone to talk to. It doesn't matter if you're single or not, just be female and open to conversation and maybe we can help each other be less bored at work."

"I have a lot of bad days, so if you'd like to sit with me while I cry and watch Community (and maybe have chocolate and popcorn w/o butter) plz get in touch thanks in advance."

"I am looking for someone who would like to share their accommodations for tonight. I am very tired and have been waiting for a place to stay but so far I havn't gotten one. All I need is a couch.
Thank you... :)"

Hmmm, who should I contact first!?


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