Monday, July 16, 2012

The Best of the Erickson Girls Baby Books

On my last trip back to New Jersey I was home alone on a weekday while my family and friends were all at work.  While snooping around the house for something to do, I came across the baby books that my mom wrote about me and my sisters when we were little. With nothing better to do, I read all four of them cover to cover and have summarized the contents for your entertainment.


Age 5 months: Favorite word "Abudabi"

Age 8 months: Pope John Paul II announced he would stop in Anchorage on Feb 26. Bridget saw him at 8 months old. We stayed outside in 20 degree weather for 7 hours. (Angel child meets the Pope...not surprising).

Age 2: Bridget loves to make Nancy laugh.  She says "Nancy funny."   But if Nancy cries, Bridget does not like thast and she'll say "NO!" and sometimes hit Nancy.

Age 2: Daddy is a favorite and when he comes home from work shes likes to yell out the front door "DADDY, POTTY!'

Age 2: Bridget plays very well with her friend, Barbara Lee. They like to hold each others hands but sometimes they hit each other when they want the same toy.

Age 2: Bridget likes her dresses, and sandals and her necklace, and dancing to her Mickey Mouse record. She likes putting on makeup and wearing her party shoes. (something's never change...she still loves Mickey Mouse...j/k)

Age 2: She grinds her teeth when she hugs Nancy (a form of affection reserved only for Nancy).

Age 2: She goes potty in her potty chair in the hallway, empties the bowl in the toilet, flushes the toilet, and replaces the potty back in the potty chair all by herself.  (Angel child picks up her own poo).

Age 3: Bridget loves to take baths--she gets really excited. But she deos not like shampoo and screams till its over. Then it's like nothing happened at all and she stays in the tub playing nicely until Nancy is done with her bath.

Age 3: She likes to say "I love you mommy" and "Bridgie good girl."

Age 4: Took care of Barbara Lee today and she hit Nancy.  Nancy started crying hard. So I told Barbara "Don't hit Nancy!" and Bridget added "Yea don't hit my sister!"

Age 4: Bridget is really good with Julie. She'd do anything for her. She plays with her, tickles her, rubs her head, reads books to her, tells her not to cry, kisses her, and when all else fails she'll come running to me yelling "Mommy, Julie need you!" There is absolutely no jealousy.

Age 4: Bridget and Nancy tore apart their room the other day when they wouldn't take a nap. Bridget had all the toys from their bookshelf piled into Nancy's crib and she tore the shade in the window.  (Hmmm seems like angel child has a dark side....)

Age 4: She said the other day "Baby Jesus takes care of Uncle Murray"

Age 4: The other day I dressed Bridget in a light blue shirt and red pants and she told me "Mommy, this doesn't match."

Age 4: Grandma Powers was giving Nancy her medicine --the bottle was the same shape and color as Julie's medicine only a little larger. Grandma was giving Nancy Julie's medicine and Bridget told her "that's Julie's medicine!!" Sure enough she was right.

Age 4: Grandpa Powers put his glasses on his head and Bridget told him "You look like a lady!!" Grandpa P said how Bridget was real sharp. she doesn't miss a thing. She is still as affectionate as ever.

Age 5: Last Sunday I took Nancy and Bridget to church--they wore their white party shoes and fancy dresses and were so good. After mass the 2 little old ladies behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said "I just want to tell you you have the most well-behaved little girls!"

Age 6: She picks up Colleen and carries her around for me if she is crying. She's good and lots of mornings she gets cheerios, milk, juice, bowls and spoons for Nancy and Julie. Bridget makes her bed perfectly. Bridget is cute and people say she looks like me. Bridget loved going to Bible school. She calls Julie "Jul" (like a jewel).....

Age 6: She gets up at 6am every morning -- right after Paul leaves. I aksed her why she doesn't sleep in and she says she likes to get up early.

Age 6:  For her birthday she got 4 watchamals! She gave 2 to Nancy and Julie and 1 to her cousin Maureen (Bridget is very generous).
Age 7: Bridget is neat. I've been trying to get all the girls to fold their clothes and put them away. Bridget usually does. Once I saw Nancy's clothes nice and folded on top od the dresser and surprised, I told her "Nancy, that's so nice!" Bridget told me "I did it."

Age 10: When she's mad she sometimes stomps into her room and slams the door.

Age 11: Bridget is very fussy about her hair and will fix it in different ways. Bridget just got braces on her teeth. She has hot pink rubber bands on them. She was excited about getting braces and still is....


Age 1: Nancy does not like being disciplined and she tries to hit back when she is spanked.

Age 2: Bridget takes a toy away from Nancy and gets in trouble and starts crying. I walk away and Nancy starts crying saying "Get Bridgie, Get Bridgie." She's upset because she thinks I'm leaving Bridget.

Age 2: Nancy pronounces her "C" as a "T". Tar for car, tandy for candy etc. Sometimes she's hard to understand and she does not like it if you ask her to repeat what she says. Bridget used to interpret what Nancy was saying but now she won't do that (says she doesn't know).

Age 5: There happened to be some lady wrestlers on TV the other day and Nancy was watching it and screaming "YEA! Beat her up!"

Age 5: The other day Bridget and Nancy were fighting and Bridget started crying. Nancy heard me coming up the stairs and said to Bridget "Hit me!! Hit me!!"

Age 6: Nancy likes to "figure out ways" to get her sisters to do things... ("come over here with me Colleen, there's no bugs.")... Colleen seems to scream a lot when Nancy sits next to her.

Age 7: One night I was making dinner, Nancy looked at it and said "Yuck!" I said "Nancy that's not very nice..." and she said "Mommy, you told me to share my feelings!"



Age 1: She likes to suck alot and sucks on her pacifier but mostly sucks on her pointer finger. Either that or she sucks on a blister she's gotten on her bottom lip (on the inside).

Age 1: She likes to crawl off on her own a lot and sometimes it gets to Bridget and Nancy who scream "Mommy - GET JULIE!!!!"

Age 2: When Bridget and Nancy went to Bible school the first day Julie told me "I want Bridget and Nancy to stay at Bible school forever and ever!" but by the end of the day she was asking "Can we go get Bridget and Nancy now?"

Age 2: The other day Paul was putting her to bed and she was counting things "I have 2 eyes, 2 hands, 2 feet....etc....and 2 arms for taking blood out of!"

Age 3: She is funny and says funny things. She likes to give herself new names.  Casey most of the time, sometimes Jenny. Once coming out of the bathroom she said "Wow, I just thought downstairs was upstairs!" When we went to Bally Boggin she told Paul, "I like Grandma's cousins!"

Age 3: She calls Colleen her "roommate" and most of the time sleeps through Colleen's crying. She did go through a period of about 10 days of getting up in the night. It started on a widny night when the door in her closet leading to the attic was banging a little because of the wind. She came into our room and said "Mommy, my dresses are moving."

Age 4: Nancy is sitting in the backseat of the car with Colleen and she tells me "Mommy, Colleen is picking her bugars and eating it!" I didnt say anything so Nancy repeated it. So I said "OK, Nancy." Julie then says "Yea, all the kids in my pre-school do that."  I said "Do they, Julie? How do you know that?" She says, "I watch them do it."



Age 6 months: When Colleen is excited she goes "huh, huh, huh, huh....' (taking short loud breaths). She jumps easliy when someonetries to scare her and then laughs. When I go in in the morning she'll be smiling and flapping her arms. Julie says a good name for her is "Twinkie"

Age 8 months: We call her "the grabber". The other day when Paul was holding her she grabbed a pitcher of apple juice and threw it on the floor.

Age 16 months: I was standing by the edge of the pool near the stairs getting ready to take Colleen to the kiddie pool when I started talking to my friend. Colleen just jumped into the pool!" I grabbed her by the back of her bathing suit and pulled her out immediately. Se didn't swallow any water. It didn't seem to phase her at all ! She loves swimmming and wants to go to the "cool club" (aka pool club) all the time.

Age 1: We just got back from a trip to Iowa. on the last day of the trip Bridget and Nancy were sick and throwing up. We stopped at McDonalds for the rest of us to get seomthing to eat. Bridget and Nancy brought the puke bucket into McDonalds with them and when I turned around Colleen is wearing it on her head!

Almost 2: Colleen says a few words: momma, dadda, Ju Ju, No, I don't know (although it sounds like Ah oond oh), baby, and "stuck' (when she gets her foot stuck in the crib). She says "Yuck' and pats her bottom if she pooped in her diaper and she'll lift up the back of my shirt and say "tickles" and laugh. She calls Nancy Dee dee, but she can say "Nancy" now.  Nancy does not liek to be called DeeDee by any one other than Colleen.

Age 3: Colleen sucks her thumb all night long and when she wakes up it is all white and wrinkled. Colleen asks "Mommy, is it ok to suck my thumb?" and I say "Yes Colleeen it's ok."

Age 3: Colleen likes a grey seal that Bridget got when she was a baby and calls it "Sealy."

Age 4: On our trip we stopped at Mount Rushmore and Colleen picked out a little buffalo at the gift shop and called it 'Buffy.'

Age 4: One time she was looking through a bunch of papers and she picked one up and said "What the hell is this?"

Age 4: She fell down while we were going for a walk recently and has a Hitler-looking scab above her upper lip.

Age 5 : Her favorite toy is an orangatan named "Hairy".

Age 6: She likes ot be first a lot.


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