Sunday, July 8, 2012

From Homeless to Home on the Range

Running out of money and having not yet found a home, we moved from our cozy little hotel room into our Montana home # 2 .... a snug little tent in Bear Canyon Campgrounds. 

Luckily it had a nice view:

Equally luckily, we only had to say here for one night, before we signed a lease on home #3, our sweet little summer cabin out in Bear Canyon:

The landlords are a nice young family that live on the property.  It has a washer and dryer.  What more could you need?  A bed would come in handy I suppose...maybe some furniture... They lent us a folding table and a couple of chairs.  We bought an air mattress..... and vwala! Home!

In the first week of living there, we did some laundry and then put the clothes in the dryer.  The dryer would go on for ever and ever, but it never got hot.  Hmmm.  We let the landlords know about it and they replaced it right away with another dryer that they had on the property.  We tried doing laundry again with the new dryer.  This dryer got hot....too hot.  But it didn't get dry.  When you opened up the dryer after it beeped it would  assault you in the face with all the hot water vapor it had accumulated.  Meanwhile the clothes felt like they were on fire and once they cooled down, they were in fact, still very wet...  We felt bad telling the landlords.  So we just air dried our clothes ...on the floor.

A few days later the hot water won't work.  We wait a day or two before telling the landlords and coincidentally the next day the electricity goes out.  The landlord calls to say her husband was digging up something in the backyard with his bulldozer and he accidentally cut the electric cable to our cabin.   They considerately ran an extension cord from their house into our cabin to keep the fridge running.  The electricity is back on the next day.  24 hours without electricity wasn't too bad, it was just like camping again!

The day after the elctricity came back on we did another load of laundry and again air-dried the clothes on the floor (still feeling too bad to mention to the landlords that their replacement dryer isn't working what with all the troubles they had with the electricity!)  We thought the hot water problem was probably related to the electricity going out. So we waited another day after the lights came back on before admitting that the water is still glacier-ice cold.  Feeling pretty bad about bringing up yet another problem, but not willing to sacrifice another day of cold showers, we let them know the hot water was broke....

Like the reponsible landlords they are, they called to see if they could come over and fix it right away.  Neither of us were home so I said for them to go ahead and let themselves right in.  We came home to the two of them working out the kinks in the hot water heater and our loads of clean laundry spread out all over the floor in front of them.   Caught.  Embarrassed.   I really didnt want to tell them about the dryer.  Honestly it was the least of our problems and they had had enough issues to concern themselves with...but I did have a very strong desire to explain myself.  I needed to reassure them that I was not some crazy lady that just hangs clothes all over the house and spreads out outfits all over the floor.

Happy to report that our electrciity, hot water, and dryer all work spectacularly now! 

Working from home has also been interesting.  The first day I worked from home, I made many trips back and forth to the fridge.  I did some laundry.  I washed some dishes.  I cleaned stuff up the deck.  I drove myself crazy!  Being home alone in a cabin all by myself all day drives me nuts...cabin fever.  I have since been going to the library everyday.

View from the library:

View of the library:

Views from the area:

 Trevor inspecting his Irish cheeseball:

We semi-adopted our landlord's cat, Boscoe:

There's some bunny I'd like to hang out with:

And Trevor's new guitar, meets my new tutu:


Reni said...

What's up with you and strange cats?

Zack said...

For a lunch break, you should walk over to Frank's and get a gamecock sandwich next time you work from the library.

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