Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Still on the Road to Bozeman...

On day two of our little road trip, we woke up still in the same state that we started off in (California is long).  We left our luxurious camp site around 10:15 and were back on the road to Bozeman...still listening to the Talking Heads.  We headed North on Interstate 5 through Weed, CA and other fun places like Butte Valley National Grasslands.  There are lots of Buttes on the the road to Bozeman. There is Black Butte, Pilot Butte, Oregon Butte, Powell Butte, and even Butte Falls.... the entertainment was endless! (which was good becasue the stereo is broken). So we had a good many giggles about all the Butte names around here.  It was the butte of all our jokes....

Anyway, we are headed north thorough Klamath Falls, OR

holy moly a snowy mountain!

Castle Krags

Mt Shasta (yes we are still in California!)

the open road

I can see for miles and miles

I can see for miles and miles..

I can see for miles... and miles..and miles...and miles...

Buttesville, USA

Then as we apprached Crater Lake the scenery started getting cooler both in the fiurative and literal sense. During the first day of driving, the temperatures were well above 90.  Day 2 was in the 60s.


Crater Lake...an old sucken down volcano in Oregon.  No rivers run into it.  No sediments dirty the water.  It's just crystal clear blue cold water....


Pumice desert:

Volcano land

More open road as we traversed our way north through Oregon and West towards Walla Walla, Washington....

Hellllloooo Washington!

We tried to make it as far as we could on Day 2 of driving.  Trevor drove for most of the day, but handed over the wheel to me around 9pm.  I drove for a couple hours and was just fine, until it got dark.  I hate driving in the dark. Especially when you are in the middle of nowhere and you don't know where you're going.  What's worse then driving in the dark, is driving in the rain in the dark...  Of course once I start driving the 2 lane highway sepearated from on-coming traffic by a good 20 feet of grassland and a 3 foot barrier to block the on-coming headlight....turns into a 1 lane-per-direction road.  Great now the the light from the on-coming traffic is blinding me.  I keep thinking that any second now a raccoon is going to run across the road....an and I am going to smash him to bits because I can't see anyting.... And then it starts pouring.  And then it starts thundering....and lightening...maybe that is actually hail?  Of course this is the point in the trip where we are crossing the Rocky Mountains so now the roads are now super windy and uphill and downhill and throw in some construction in there, some huge 38-wheeler trucks flying around, and some thunderous pot holes..and.....ok, that's it, I have had enough...Trevor, I hope you had a good rest, and apologize for driving a whole 2 / 15 hours today but we all know that everyone's mental state will be greatly improved once you regain control of this wheel! 

Trevor drove a little further that night but spent the night at an EconoLodge on the outskirts of town in Missoula, MT and resumed our trip in the morning.... 
Clark's Fork

Now, I can handle there driving conditions!

 On Day 3 we were onthe road to Bozeman for a few hours before we made it to our new home, on the outskirts of town, the Bozeman Microhotel.


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