Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5am: a time so nice, I lived it twice

Ever since I got to Europe my cell phone has been stuck on London time. London time is an hour earlier than Copenhagen time. I probably could have looked into fixing it, but instead I compensated by always adding an hour to my cell phone time. Consequently, when I would set my alarm for 5am Danish time, I would set it for 4am on my phone (London time). Well sometime overnight my phone decided to upgrade to the local time. I showered, ate breakfast, and made it halfway to the train station before calling Trevor. He informed me it was 8pm his time which would make it 5am my time and I'm already halfway to the station for the 6:20am train! After confirming the correct time on the iphone, I cursed myself and ran back home...


Anonymous said...

Being dyslexic I find this very confusing! But I'm glad you got this straightened out before I get there.

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