Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swedish Things & Danish Kings

When I first moved into my little danish apartment I was given two sets of keys. I carried both sets around with me at all times. Today is my two week anniversary of living in the apartment. I have already completely lost one set. In Sweden, I found this handy little key chain. I will never lose my keys again!

FYI: In case it's not clear in the picture, it's a Swedish zipper. The modern day zipper was patented as a "separable fastener" in 1917. Invented by a Swedish-born guy named Gideon Sundback.

Today, we slowly made it out of the house and visited another castle, Rosenborg. It is probably my most favorite castle so far. It is right in the middle of Copenhagen and had a lot of cool art and fancy treasures, including some old shiny hats..... The Danish Crown Jewels! It costs extra to take pictures of the crowns. It's free to draw...

They also had some of the old kings' outfits on display at the castle. I was amazed at how small their pants were. I'm not sure if they wore them up really high like capris? Or if they were just really short. I think they were really short. In the Kronborg castle that I went to last weekend, they had a bed that supposedly belonged to a king. I remember thinking it looked like a child's bed.


Anonymous said...

Today's castle looked like a fairy tale castle, so I don't think I even asked once where it was. Yesterday's castle did not look like one, it was at various times a fort, castle, mint, and prison. But it was built originally in 1434! Today's was 1634. OLD.

Colleen said...

ok, why exactly are dead bugs in all the pictures?

Joshua said...

The bug strikes again!

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