Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Airing Out Ma' Dundies

I have been in Denmark for a little over a week. It is about time to do laundry. One more thing to figure out for the first time. How the hell does this machine work!? I could not figure it out. E-mailed the service guy....Here are his instructions:

The washing machine needs to be installed like this:
There are two grey tubes (one for water in - one for water out) coming out of the washing machine, they end in one tube (which is a two way tube...) that has a silvery adaptor.
The adaptor must be attached and fastened (with the ring) to the tap and
- then you turn on the cold water
- then start the machine.

OOOOOOOOOOOOK. I feel like I have reached my "learning new things" limit! I don't want to try this I just want clean clothes. I miss my old easy washing machine!! I'm tired. But I cannot go another day.....my socks stink! I must do this or my stinky feet will scare away any chances of me making friends. So I find this grey tube and said adaptor which has two ends. I try to reach the sink. The tube isn't long enough. Great. Realize the machine is on wheels. Wheel it over to the sink. Fine. Look at the adaptor... Which end do you fasten to the sink?! What ring is he talking about? I don't see a ring I see two very similar sides to a tube adaptor and neither one fits on the faucet! Dismantle faucet. No help. Reassemble faucet. In same position as started. Open a beer. Jam the adaptor on as hard as I can. It doesn't fall off! I think it might work. Am scared to turn on water. Look at machine and press "ON" button. It doesn't turn on. What?! Check outlet...it's plugged in ok. Am about to wash my clothes in the sink with shampoo. Walk away from machine. Remember some lamps in my life that wouldn't turn on unless the light switch is on. Run to kitchen. Turn on light switch. Turn on machine. It works! It's in Danish:

Start button is in English. Press start button. Water squirts out of the faucet enough to spray on the counters and some on the floor but not enough for me to care. My clothes are washing! It is a proud moment.

Now they are drying....


Trevor said...

Some of those words look English to me..

Bridget said...

That bug is creeping me out.

Joshua said...

yeah. why keep a dead fruit fly around the apt? Also, nice pajamas....penguin.

Dad said...

Clean clothes - another problem solved! I like the fly, Julie; he's an artist.

eLizaBeth said...

That display does say "program slut" doesn't it? And nothing to add about that fact? huh.

Heather said...

My favorite post by far, for the following reasons:

a) You're still playing with a dead fly.
b) You finally get the machine to work, and it calls you a slut. and..
c) of course, your footsy pajamas.

I love you Jewels, I'm glad you don't have stinky toes anymore.

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