Friday, February 26, 2010


Today reminded me of that first day in early spring when the temperature first gets above 50 degrees and the clouds suddenly let up to reveal that glorious ball of fire....the day when everyone breaks out the flip flops and spring wardrobes because they are so over excited that it is not absolutely freezing, even though it is not exactly appropriate to be wearing sandals and shorts just yet. The high was 6 degrees Celsius which is about 42 degrees Fahrenheit. It was the first day I could walk outside without a hat on and not feel like my ears would break off while my eye balls iced over. When I was walking to the train this morning at 7am, the sun came out. It was raining instead of snowing. I cannot wait for spring.


Anonymous said...

Yay for sun! By the way, Trevor Page is going to be in Denmark for two weeks so you'll have another Californian to chat with. Woo hooo!

Julie Erickson said...

Sweet! When does he get here?

Colleen said...

i can't wait til that happens in nj

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