Monday, February 15, 2010

Trouble posting a comment?.....

If you tried to post a comment but failed:

here's the deal with comments: when you try to post a comment, this little embedded window comes up that shows you what your post will look like, and most people probably think that their comment has been submitted because they can see the preview. However, it's not the post; it's a little window that shows what your post will look like, and it also has one of those things that asks you to type out a word in a picture before you can submit your comment (you know, like you have to do when you buy stuff online sometimes).

Unfortunately, the this little embedded window is too small for what it's trying to show. The part with the pic and the field you type in and the button that says "Post Comment" isn't visible because it's below the bottom of the little embedded window. There're also no scroll arrows to scroll down to them.

So what I had to do was hit "tab" a few times to get to that part of the page.

Maybe you can blog about how to comment and that'll make things easier for people hopefully.


Bridget said...

Yay, I did it!

Dad said...

You're my new home-page. Dad

Heather said...

Jewelssssss! You've landed! Weeeee

Anonymous said...


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