Sunday, December 5, 2010

Per and a Pair of Swedes

I returned home from the funeral weekend on a a Monday afternoon and was awakened from a 3 hour nap by a phone call from my Swedish cousin, Per Mandfloen (pictured in a previous blog wearing the black jumpsuit).

Per and 2 of his Swedish buddies came to visit that night on their way from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  They arrived around 9pm and were out of the house by 8am the next day.  It was a quick visit, but they were off to Kentucky for Thanksgiving.  (Apparently they made a friend from Kentucky while traveling in Russia).  After Kentucky they were headed towards New York, New Jersey, and then down to Florida and New Orleans traveling by Geryhound bus.

Me in pink... Per in white

I haven't heard from him much since he left but I have been following him in facebook.  Here is a recent facebook post:

"Alla har faktiskt inte bil i USA. Det finns dom som aker Greyhound ocksa; Crystal meth-addicts, inavlat whitetrash och gravt sinnessjuka. "Asch, jag tar bussen" Nejmen! Nattbuss. Han blev bara 21. Hej!"

 I think you get the gist.  Sounds like they are getting the full spectrum of American culture.


AL said...

Min svävare är full med ål!

Trevor said...

That's you in the pink?

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