Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Would A Snail Be Thankful For?

We spent Thanksgiving at one of our favorite places, Jimmy and Sally's House of Snail.  This weekends cast of characters included Jimmy's little brother, Timmy, his girlfriend, Astrid, her sister, Flo, and our good friend Joe Joe (oftentimes confused by my mom for Bo-Bo).  On actual Thanksgiving day,  a few more guests came over from Jimmy's grad school.

Activities included....
picture taking

walks in the woods

tether ball

fruit picking

drinking with friends

drinking with friends

drinking in the kitchen

drinking with drums



and dancing

more music

more music
music watching
and drums on the pot

and PIZZA !!!!!!

This guy will be here all night, folks

Later we played an assortment of games....

Above: As Jimmy is demonstrating, this is the game where you have to pick up a cardboard cookie box with your teeth without letting any part of your body touch the ground besides your feet.  While holding the box in your teeth you wrip off a piece of cardboard and put the remaining box back on the ground for the next person to try. 

Paul had a series of face plants towards the end of the game.  He was OK though. No concussions that we noticed.

In the game below each player has a piece of paper with a person's name on it taped to their forehead.  They do not know what the name is.  You go around in circles asking yes or no questions to try to figure out who you have taped to your head.  Trevor was Jesus, I was MC Hammer, Sally was Walt Disney, Joe Joe was Quenn Latifah, Kevin was Charlie Sheen, Serena was Elton John, Jimmy was America Ferrera, Astrid was Jack Sparrow, Timmy was Corky from Life Goes On, Flo was Charlie Brown... that's all I can remember.
We went wine tasting on Black Friday and the wine guy served us for free!  So we invited the wine guy and his friend back to the Snail House for more games and jam sessions.

Wine guy =  top right

Candid shots:





Joe Joe

Saturday we went into San Francisco, ate food from Senegal, danced our booties off, had Burmese food for breakfast and walked around Golden Gate Park where we found a random circle of rollar disco dancers.

Then we headed home on Sunday.  Till next time....

Photography: compliments of Timmy O'Donnell!


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