Monday, December 6, 2010

Someone's Gotta Case of the Mondays

Take your vitamins.

Drink your orange juice.  

Wash your hands.  

Count your lucky stars.

Because being sick is the worst...

I have recently been clamoring on about how I have not been sick in 4 years, and oh how strong my immune system is and blah blah blah.  My recently sick friend warns me not to share his drink and I reply with some gassy response that oh a little sickness never hurt anyone and in fact it's probably more helpful than harmful [insert scientific jargon about the benefits of antibodies and natural immunity].

That was Saturday.

Sunday, our friends, Kevin and Serena, have a sore throat.  I continue to gloat about the strength of my immune system.

Monday, nothing.

Tuesday... does my throat hurt?  Mmm maybe a little bit, but it's probably nothing.  Maybe just my allergies.

Wednesday.... Nope, throat definitely hurts and it is definitely not allergies.  I'm tired, not really feeling too good.  Maybe I'll leave work early and take a nap.   That was at 3pm....

Thursday.. wake up at noon from 20 hour nap.  Head full of snot.  Eyes are burning.  Throat is burning.  Nose is drooling with boogers.  Ears feel like exploding.  Teeth are throbbing.  Do not get out of bed till 4pm.  Move to couch.  Do not get off couch.

Friday... Snot Explosion.  Green chunks galor, heading down to the lungs. Piercingly painful, hacking, "productive" cough as doctors call it, but starting to feel better.  At least am able to get out of bed and move about the house. 

Saturday... I am ALIVE!  I survived the cold from hell. 

Sunday....Trevor mentions how it's funny he hasn't gotten sick and that he must have a good immune system.

Monday... Trevor's throat hurts...


Bridget said...

I laughed out loud. Feel better everyone!

Julie Erickson said...

Thanks Briggles!

Anonymous said...

Awww, do you have bad allergies? Hope you don't have a bad fall!


Nancy said...

Have I told you I have a great immune system? Josh was sick all last week and I avoided it. Haha.

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