Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 1: 1 Wedding Down; 1 more added to the list!

New Jersey: my favorite place to spend my vacation time.   On a typical trip back I can usually manage to visit my mother, my 2 Jersey sisters, sometimes my Florida sister if she's around and if Trevor's with me me we usually get to see his parents,  his 2 east coast sisters, their partners and our niece, Gwen.  A good trip amounts to spending quality time with 11 or 12 family members and we can usually sneak in 5 or 6 friends. Well this trip back we banked some quality time with over 107 close friends and family.  (yes, I counted them at work....on my lunch break)

All those people won't be able to make it into one blog post.  So I will feed you the vacation day by day.

Day 1 of 9:  Valerie's Wedding

Trevor and I took the red-eye flight on Friday night so we could make it the NJ by 6am with enough time to drop off my bridesmaids dress with my sister, have breakfast, shower, re-pack and drive 2.5 hours down to Delaware where Trevor's Dad's sister's daughter, Valerie married her new hubby, Adam.

We slept for about an hour on the flight over and after that we relied on coffee and adrenaline to keep our eyes open and our bodies moving. 


Three generations of OG ladies

The Christian and Anthony magic show

The newly engaged couples

Gwen practicing her flower girl moves

No wedding is complete without a congo line

Happy Mother's Day



The Baby Boys

Anthony missing his dance partner

The newlyweds

After the wedding ceremony, Elyse was re-telling a conversationthat her and Gwen had earlier that day:

Gwen: "Is Aunt Lexine going to the wedding?"
Elyse: "Yes"
Gwen: "Is Aunt Julie going to the the wedding?"
Elyse: "Yes"
Gwen: "Are they bringing their boyfriends?"

At which time Lexine showcased her new piece of bling (!!!) and we all screamed like maniacs outside the church  =)

Congrats Lex & Brian!!


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