Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 4: The Eliza & Ollie Show

Day 4:  One last day of the munchkins and all their glory....

Wednesday was our last day of family fun at the O'Grady household before heading down to Hazlet for a nice dinner on my sister, Colleen's birthday and an early bedtime curfew in preparation for the upcoming wedding of my older sister, Nancy.

Again, brace yourself... I took way too many pictures.  But they're just so darn cute...

Eliza hanging with Ollie as he works one out

Trev, me and Persie
 Something about little baby girls hanging on the couch makes it seem like they're 2 old ladies who have been best friend for years:

Airplane spotting

The proud Godfather


Papa Ron and the babies

Damian sees the airplane

Do do do da do


climbing up the steps


Climbing up the steps

Ollie again

climbing up the steps

now run around in circles

more circles


around in circles


back to the steps

here comes Eliza


Smile Persie!

happy boys!

back to those steps again

These guys can go all day long....

running around

throwing balls

Ollie's going down!


nothing hurts this little guy

ah dirt

Eliza likes dirt too

alright lets go back to the grass

soccer ball time

Ollie showing his strength


more airplanes!

horseshoe time

nice throw Ollie!

these guys...

...are awesome!

the babies

look at those lips

Eliza polishing up the mouthpiece

Trev  encouraging his goddaughter.... 

Skylar and Persephone

Dancing after napping?... not as exciting..


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