Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teancious B (for Bloggin)

Ahh, the wedding's over.  And in the words of my Grandma Rita, "Weddings are even more fun than funerals!"  Grandma, your words of wisdom are always so true.

I finally feel like I am no longer sleep deprived.  And I am excited to get back to normal blogging.  I've been singing in my head  "I wanna blog with you... alllll night...blog you in to the sunrise..I wanna blog with you alll night, blog the night awaaaay.." to the tune of Michael Jackson.

Trevor just poked his head in the room and said "Are you bloggin again?"

I said "yes"

He said "Ya know if you ever write a blog about being cut you could call it 'hemabloggin.'  That one just came to me."

Ahh a day in my life....

A week or so ago was another day in my life, when I walked into a bar for a friend's birthday and down at the end of the bar I see Jack Black.  I'm waiting on line for the loo and when I get into the bathroom I frantically text Trevor that he'll never guess who's here.  The next few moments are fuzzy. At some point I left the bathroom and find myself face to face with Kyle Gass, Jack's buddy, who I uncontrollably proceed to tell that I love him and especially his role in  hmmm name a song?.....a movie.... hmmmm  ...uhhh "BUTT BABIES!!!"

Yes, butt babies was the only Tenaious D reference that came to mind... a video where Jack and Kyle are dressed in diapers wandering around in the dessert on LSD.  They then realize that it's not LSD they're on, but EPT (the error proof test) and that they are in fact pregnant, with butt babies, which they then deliver.  Disturbing, I know.  Trevor introduced me to it.  But in my freak-out moment I believe my knowledge of this short perverted skit gave me a lot of street cred.

When Trevor walked into the bar and saw me hanging out with Jack Black and Kyle Gass he nearly had his own butt babies...


Liz said...

you're my hero.

Nathan S said...

I am insanely jealous you got to meet The D

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