Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 6: Rehearsing for the Open Bar

Day 6 (I don't know what happened to Day 5.  I can't count): The day before the big day....

The day before Nancy's big day I slept on the pull out couch mattress in what used to be our playroom.  We pulled the mattress out of the couch and put it on the floor to prevent the metal bar from breaking our backs.  Nothing could prevent the nagging springs from poking you at every turn though.  It's about 10 am.  We have to get our nails done at noon.  I am milking my sleep-in time.  I hear Nancy upstairs on the phone with the dry cleaners ...  "Just checking to make sure my dress will be ready by noon?... You haven't started it yet?! It's supposed to be done by 12! .......Well, will it be done by 12 then?!  Alright I'll see you at 12." Hang up phone............

Rooooooooooaaaaaaarrrr! ....(insert your own imaginary curse words hailed towards incompetent dry cleaners)......

Good morning, Julie....

Nancy stuffed her wedding dress into her suitcase to bring it up from Florida.  It was crinkled when she took it out of her suitcase and it was still crinkled when she picked it up from Bethany Cleaners (recommend never using Bethany Cleaners).

While my me, my mom, and little sister went in to the nail salon to get our girl on, Nancy, Bridget and Natalie went to the dry cleaners next door to pick up Nancy's wedding dress.  From my seat in the pedicure chair I watched anxiously as Nancy walked from the cleaners holding her dress up high with a smile on her face.  Phew,  things are ok.  Then I watched in horror as she returned to the cleaners holding her dress high with a look of murder on her face.  Nervous Natalie came into the salon to give us the scoop...the dress was not ironed properly, it was not ironed at all!  The creep took their money saying he did what he could do and couldn't do anything more.  The girls were frantically on their way to a different dry cleaners to see if they could iron it before tomorrow.    ....crickets in the nail salon....

Well Astra Cleaners saves the day! ...(recommend using Astra Cleaners for all your dry cleaning needs!)....  They were able to have the dress properly ironed and pressed within a few hours.  They also confirmed our accusations that the dress was never ironed before.  Problem solved.  Now we can relax and get our nails done:
Natalie and Bridget

Colleen, Nancy, & Mom

 At the hotel before the rehearsal, Aunt Barb gives Josh the 3rd degree.  Josh is used to this and has adapted quite well.  Welcome to the family, Josh!

The Ring bearer, Groom, and Best Man hanging with Nancy the Bride

Leaving for rehearsal

The Erickson's

The Groom and his Men

Marmy and her baby

Marmy and me

Sally, the boys, and the Best Man's lady

Over here Josh!

Wedding Smiles

Queens College, Kirkpatrick Chapel 1766

The long, daunting aisle...

practicing her catwalk

Hi, we're angel children

Gathering the ring bearers

Giving away their baby...

Rob and the boys

Whatever you do, don't forget to say "I do"
 The rehearsal party was at Harvest Moon on George Street in New Brunswick...open bar...This proves more dangerous than I had expected.  My grand plans to drink only wine to prevent me from  A) drinking too fast and B) drinking too much which in turn would prevent me from C) being hung over on the wedding day severely back-fired...  I drank way too much wine...way too fast..   hence, not so many pictures from the party.  But it was still a great time nevertheless...  at least from what I remember...

Trevor showed up late to the rehearsal.  Because of the dry cleaning fiasco he was tasked with picking up the wedding dress from the cleaners while we were all at the church.  This simple task earned him major brownie points on all sides of the family...  In the words of my mother, "Trevor is a prince among men..."

The Irish cousins were a big hit too!


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