Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 7: The Wedding

Day 7:  The Day my Mother has been waiting for...and Nancy too!

Ah the beautifully ironed dress......  No one touch it with your grimey fingers!

May 6th... I woke up at 6am in a 75 degree hotel room, sweating.  I immediately curse myself for the wine headache I've given myself.  I close the hotel room blinds and try to get a little more shut eye.  I don't.  I'm too worried about puking on my sister's wedding day.  Nancy is going to kill me....Time to rally.  Home at my mom's by 9am.. At the salon by 10am.  Luckily Nancy chose the Robert Gerbe Hair Salon in Keyport for all our beautifying needs.  And her biggest blessing to me is having my best friend, Ferbz, pretty me up...

Me and Heather

Here is the beautified Weena!  Colleen got her make up done first.  Then she got her Jersey hair.  Don't recognize her?  I didn't at  either.  When the stylist was working on her hair she was blocking her face.  I said "Wow, Weena nice hair!"  Then the stylist moved out of the way and I said "Oops that's not Colleen...Oh wait is that Colleen?"  It is:


Nanc & Nat BFF

Jewels & Ferbz BFF

All dolled up and waiting for the florist

Stocking the limo

looking purty

Bringing the cheese platter


Since when did Weena and Briggles start looking so similar?

The twins

Who is this?

Mom's second limo ride of her life

Not ready for my close up



smellin good

looking pretty


not my best angle

happy bride

satisfied bride

which way is the limo going?

why didn't we take the turnpike?

why are we stuck in traffic?

Are we there yet?

OMG shoes

Is Josh here yet?

Survived the limo

Here come the boys!

these guys....

Josh and his momma

matching, what do you expect?

speaking of these guys... how cute are they?

Getting ready for the "First Look"

Look down

Look up

Look Down

Look up

keeping busy

looking spiffy


Her last moment of singledom:
never look back

giving away their baby

Let go now, mom.  Time to go back to your seat

signing the documents

now it's official

The Huders


Nancy said...

Haha. Awesome! I liked the sequence of events in the limo.

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