Monday, March 1, 2010

I Break for Cake

Now that the Olympics are over I am happy to find that Danish TV has both America's Funniest Home Videos and Mystery Diagnosis. And they are in English! The danish commercials were pretty funny for the Olympics. They didn't advertise anything. They just re-ran bloopers of major wipeouts, fights, or exciting highlights...much more exciting.

Miscommunications due to mom's furry earmuffs:

Me: Over here is the church..The Queen's Palace is over there...The little mermaid is over there....

Mom: A LILMERMER? What's a lilmermer!?

Me: Lit-tle MER-MAID! Take off those dang earmuffs!

Things to look forward to:
-Meeting a friend of a friend's friend on Wednesday night who is in Copenhagen for school. Oh social life, how I miss you so!!
-Hanging out with friends from work in California who are in Denmark for meetings this week. I ran into one girl at lunch today. I wasn't expecting her to be there and I had completely convinced myself that this girl just by chance looked exactly like this person I knew from home. Then she said "Hi Julie" and my two worlds collided! I gave her a great big hug. We really didn't talk all too often in California. But now we hug. She's setting me up with some friends of her's in town.
-The weekend. I'm already dreading weekday work! The girl who is training me went on vacation this week! Now tI have to think for myself and I feel like I'm already screwing up! it's not really all that bad. I over-exaggerate. But I despise that "new person" feeling. And although I very much enjoy the frequent cake and coffee breaks, I am finding it rather distracting now that I have to think on my own. After every break I always completely forget what I was just doing! But I can't say no to homemade cake. And Danes always find a reason to bring in something sweet: birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, last day at work, first day as a full time employee, last day before vacation, first day back from vacation, or just for fun. In the 12 days I've worked here I have already celebrated 5 of those occasions.
-Dinner with distant Norwegian cousins on Saturday. Hooray for Scandinavian family=)
-Making a pillow. I found a super-cute fabric store across the street and bought some cheap fabric and a big fluffy pillow. I brought my own needle and thread from home. Project!


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Right now you are sitting right next to me but thought I'd say Hi anyway. I had a lovely time here in Copenhagen. Especially enjoyed the National Museum today, and Cafe Bopa tonight for dinner, the first place I went to when I arrived and could not get in your apartment. Until I went back and rang all your neighbors several times until someone let me in the front door. Danish people are so nice! I look forward to reading more of your Scandanvian adventures! Everybody write to Julie!!

Colleen said...

send some cool danish fabric home with mom!! i want to sew too!

Bridget said...

You and your love of america's funniest videos. I only watch that with you :)

Being the new person is never fun. But hang in, it will get easier.

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