Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fun with Facial Hair

I found this painting and I think really like it, at least for the colors, but I'm not sure what it means.

I saw my first Danish squirrel the other day. Thought it was a little bunny rabbit at first. They have much larger ears than what I'm used to.

Speaking of bunnies, has anyone seen Alice in Wonderland yet? I just saw it tonight. I won't ruin it for anyone. You should probably see it for yourself. I don't think the 3-D part is necessary. The Mad-hatter's hare friend reminds me of myself sometimes...nervous, shaky, fidgety, stuttering, bumbling....

I met some more of my extended family over the weekend: my great-great grandmother's little sister's grandson and his wife, his daughter, her husband, and their little 5 year old boy. They are so nice and friendly and they are delicious cooks. They made smoked halibut, asparagus, and cheese on bread for appetizers, then some pork and potatoes and some spicy salad for dinner. Apparently it is a big event when the Danish farmers harvest their first batch of potatoes. Everyone really looks forward to it and the farmers are very competitive to get their produce out first. The potatoes we ate last night were apparently from Israel. The Danish potatoes are not ready for harvest yet, but I hope I am still around to taste them when the time comes.

Scenes from the Round Tower:

Trevor and I are having a mustache growing contest:


Mary Ellen said...

Evening Ju!
Looks like your camera is working very well! And the weather there looks like the weather here. Is that the bridge to Sweden in one of the pix?

Trevor said...

you lose.

Julie Erickson said...

yep you can see the bridge to Sweden in one of the pictures. Also, to be clear, I didn't take that picture of the squirrel. I found it on the internet.

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