Saturday, March 13, 2010

He Likes Sports

Trevor is here for a little visit. He's down there somehwere...

Everyone at work was very excited for me. On Friday my boss lady ran right up to me squealing and gave me a great big hug. It was pretty funny. A lot of co-workers were asking about him. In Danish conversations people don't really ask what you do, as in what you do for work. They are more interested in what you like to do and the things you do for fun. They were asking me about what Trevor likes to do for fun. Hmmm good question...hang He likes sports. A group of Danes then started brainstorming about all the different kinds of sports we could do in Copenhagen. We could go swimming, or go to a handball club, or rent bikes, or jog here or there, and do this or that. One co-worker suggested a soccer game. Perfect. There is a game on Sunday which is one of the highlights of the season! FCK (I think it stands for Football Club of Kobenhavn, the native way to say Copenhagen) versus their number one arch-enemy, Brondby. It should be a good game and I was warned not to sit in the visitor section. Tickets. Could we still get tickets? One co-worker gets on the phone, the other one gets on the internet, and yet another starts drawing a map of the stadium, the entrance, where we can pick up tickets, a shop we can get souvenirs...These people are so helpful!!!

We have tickets for tomorrow's game. Should be a good one!

As for today, we woke up at 6am (Trevor is still on CA time). We have already been on a freezing cold walk to the bakery, the only place open before 10am on a Saturday, and are back home. Just finished some coffee and soup, and now the sun is now shining, Hopefully it is a little bit warmer now....

The outside of my apartment. Mine is the window all the way on the top left of the red brick. Right below the street light.

Down the street...


Evan said...

I'm awake because somebody pulled a fire alarm in my building around 5:40am. Can you believe it? I had to reset the thing. Good thing I own a screwdriver. At least it's close to normal waking up time. Say hi to Trevor for me.

Mary Ellen said...

Yea, you're getting to a soccer game! With Trevor! The stadium right down the street from you I'm thinking. Trevor's going to have fun there.
POURING rain here today.
Cool picture of your staircase, it look me awhile to figure out what that was.

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