Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mmm Pie

On the train to work you can sit facing forwards or you can sit facing backwards. I do not like sitting backwards. Watching objects constantly moving farther and farther away gives me great anxiety.

Mom went back home today. We had a great time lugging her 500lb suitcase all over Copenhagen this morning. Dragged it down 7 flights of stairs to street level. Then to the train station. Had a hard time finding the right track.... Dragged it up a narrow staircase going to the wrong train. Found an elevator. It took us back up to street level. Start over. Dragged it back down another staircase. Escalator! Found the right stop. phew.

I met that friend of my friend's friend who I was telling you about yesterday. Love her. Before meeting her, I was killing time downtown and stumbled upon my new favorite cake and coffee place: The Royal Cafe ( The lingonberry pie is exploding with crumbling sweet-tart deliciousness.

A haiku for you:

Mmm mmm tasty pies.
A cup of coffee? Why not!?
Please sir, one more slice...

A haiku for Nancy:

Laundry takes practice;
I think I shrunk your sweater.
Did you want it back?


Bridget said...

hahahahaha. Good haikus!

Anonymous said...

Made it home Julie! B picked me up, we got some pizza, she liked her scarf from Malmo, and choclate from your food store. I don't like facing backwards either! Sideways is OK.
Have fun with your new friend!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the shout out ... and you'll buy me a new sweater or I'll beat you up. :)

Ann said...

Julie, I have never liked facing backward, whether on a train or in a car. It must run in the family. Remember the story about Katy Rita riding backwards in the Powers' car on a trip down to see you guys...she was sitting next to Joey and wasn't feeling well at all and Joey was asleep. It was not a pretty sight when Joey woke up! Enjoy every moment in Copenhagen and during all your travels. I talked to your mom after her trip and it sure sounded like she had a wonderful time. Love from cold and dreary Iowa, Ann

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