Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pictures, Instead of a Thousand Words....

Highlights of the Day...
-Bakery for breakfast
-Saw the outside of the Crown Prince's house, but the line was too long to get in
-Took a canal tour by boat!!
-Went to McJoy's Irish Pub for lunch
-Took a break to watch my favorite street performers
-Stopped by the NY Carlsberg Glyptotek Art Collection
-Carried a zonked out Trevor home from the art museum

Scenes from the day

Danish Design:

Silly Swans Swimming

Big Boring Blocky Banks

Tippy Top of The Tall Tower

Spiraling Stairs Swirling Skyward

Stock Exchange:



Oldest Bridge on the Block:

Other popular scenes from the boat tour....

Me and the Opera House:

Trev in front of the Church:

The Crown Prince's house:

Trev and the castle:


Anonymous said...

Still looks pretty cold there!!

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