Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Did I mention that Trevor is in town? For a little over 2 weeks. Got it? Guess how many socks he packed?.......Two. Not even two pairs, just two socks. They are not even the same color.

At least one says "Ireland" on it and we are indeed going to Ireland. We have already done some sock shopping to fix this situation.

Aside from the socks, the only other issue we are having is trying to keep Trevor awake at the proper time. I know he was exhausted before he got here and that coupled with an extreme time zone difference = one seriously narcaleptic boyfriend. He fell asleep in the art museum, on the train, and even dozed off at the soccer game amid thousands of crazy drunken soccer hooligans chanting, yelling, and lighting things on fire!

Luckily we were far enough away from the visiting team (Brøndby) who have been known to get a little too rowdy:

The outcome of the game:
FCK (the home team) beat Brøndby (the maniacs) 2-0.
About 20 Brøndby fans were arrested afterwards for trying to flip over a police van.
No one was killed.


Joshua said...
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Joshua said...

Hahahahaahaha. The sock thing sounds like something I would do. Although I'd probably bring two matching socks.

reni said...

How many pairs of underwear did he bring? I am guessing one pair of Whitey-tighties with yellow and brown stains. You are one lucky lady!!

Anonymous said...

Geeez! And I thought the English fans were bad.

Trevor said...

Truth be told, I packed more socks than the two that Julie claimed.  I packed three.  However, the third one did not match as well as the other two, hence it did not make it into the rotation.

Anonymous said...

Three socks, hahahahahaha nice job clearing your name Trevor. Remember the time you guys came to California and you didn't pack any shirts?

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