Monday, September 26, 2011

The Hills are STILL Alive!

And now you can watch them over and over again in this 21st centruy commemorative clip compliments of Mr. T.J.O.G.!! 

After embarrassingly running around the hills of Austria, Trevor has compiled a 20-seocnd music video to sum up our wonderful trip....

Even though it looks like we may be all alone in these shots....we are not...There are people watching....Trevor making me run... run again... jump again...And in the last shot where we dramatically hug in a lover's embrace, Trevor actually smashed his man knees into my little knobs.  You can see me briefly rub my knee, and then Trevor apologizing in what looks like a heartfelt moment in the mountains.  Ok so not the most romantic real life ending, but I did like the way it eventually came out!  So I guess you can say we lived happily ever after!


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