Thursday, September 8, 2011

Suzanne... You're nothing that I wanted in a B&B

The first night, Trevor and I were very excited to stay at Suzanne's Bed and Breakfast in Fussen.  It was our little treat to ourselves.  A little more expensive than a standard hotel, but promised to be a comfy, cozy stay nestled in the hills of the Alps, off the beaten path and close to castles!  I was so excited to see that their website was so simple and primitive.  And that Suzanne looked like a sweet, old authentic German lady.  I was even more excited that they didn't have an online reservation system.  I had to e-mail Suzanne directly for a reservation.  And she didn't accept online payments or credit cards.  I had to mail a check to her bank in Philadelphia!  So old-school!... And it only added more to our anticipation that this was going to be a nice, cultural Bavarian experience.  Trevor and I sang "Suzanne,,, you're all that I wanted in a Bed n' Breakfast..."  all the way to Fussen.

We pull up to the address and the scenery does not disappoint.  We unpack some bags and head to the front door.  We ring the bell...It's Suzanne! 

Trevor in his best German says: "Sprechen Sie Englisch"  (Do you speak English?)  

To which Suzanne rudely replies, "Yes of course!"  

Slightly disappointed, but well ok, it's good she can understand us...  

Welcome to Suzanne's.  She opens the door and looks like she drank a gallon of whiskey the night before and smoked a million cigarettes just a second ago. She's rude, disgruntled, miserable and I'm pretty sure she's wearing her pajamas....

She gives us a quick miserable run down of where the castles are and what to do near by.  We leave to head up to our room.  Trevor asks Suzanne if he should close the which she miserably mumbles "I don't care, what difference does it make..."  Ok.....

Then we are on our own.  Phew.  Glad to be out of her hair.   We head out for the night and have dinner at a nice little restaurant and walk around the walking streets of Fussen.  We come upon an old church, an old fortress, a nice park, and a crystal blue glacial river.  See pictures below.

The next morning around 8am we head down to breakfast to which Suzanne so nicely provided.  Breakfast = variety of salami, variety of cheese, variety of bread, variety of yogurt.  Typical.  Suzanne lectures another couple on where to leave the electrical adapter she begrudgingly lent them.  Then it's our turn.  We ask her if we can buy the internet password from her so we can send some e-mails before we leave.  She asks if we still intend to see the castles today?  I say yes.  She abruptly says "WELL THEN NO, BYE BYE!!"   Uh What?  She goes on to scold us that if we intend to go into the castle we better get on our way and we'll have no time for e-mails and that we should have left an hour ago, and the lines are going to be ridiculously long already and we might as well not even go....  Well fine, we still want the damn internet password!  We get it.  Send some e-mails.  And get the hell out of there!

Suzanne's Decorations

Suzanne in her happier days

at least the bed was comfy

and the view was nice

very nice

smoking nook

high on a hill lived a lonely goat

German flower baskets

there's those goats

or devil horned sheep I should say

that guy

for my sister

German walking streets

that's painted on

I like this

this is also painted on...cheaters

Inside the Fussen cathedral:

German mountains

Fortess in Fussen (also painted on)

Leopard print bar.  Sure!

Breakfast spread at Suzanne's


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Ich liebe Deutchsland!

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