Friday, September 16, 2011

Salzburg Rocks

We arrived in Salzburg, Austria and after a few wrong turns we made it to our hotel, Der Salzburger Hof.   I was a little disappointed that it wasn't in the nicest are of the city BUT everyday breakfast was included, the rooms were clean, they had cheap internet, free parking, and the hotel TVs played The Sound of Music 24/7.  What more could you ask for?  The Gazebo room?   Ok you got it!

We dropped our bags and went out walking.
We found the Salzach river easily enough...

And the first tower we saw was St. Augustine.s brewery

We stopped in Mirabell Gardens which you might find familiar if you've ever seen The Sound of Music

You migh remember thse steps from when the kids are running around in curtains doe a deer or raindrops on roses

the fountain they run around

the tunnel they run through (I was thinking they biked through, but alas my memory failed me again)

the fortress

Scenes of the city:

The Dome:

Maria splashes in this fountain before heading off the the Von Trapp family

The Dome Church

that is not a real man on the gold ball:

creeepy guy
We took the tram ride up to the fortress over looking the city, the Hohensalzburg castle
on the tram up to the fortress

going up, looking tired

View from the top:

the house in the crossroads there is where the executioner used to one wants to live near that guy!

Running around the fortress, whose construction begab in 1077...old

Inside the fortress was a puppet museum

I was Marta

Trevor was Kurt

Trevor Von Trapp is more like it

these walls are old, very old

A good spot for ice cream and a beer

narrow streets built into rocks
The catacombs of St. Peter's Cemetary...also filmed here was where the Von Trapps were running away from the Nazis and the Nazi postman, Rolf, at the end of the movie:

who lives here?

Scenes in the old town:

Time for a snack:

yummy Balkan burgers

After walking all over the city we headed back towards our hotel and stopeed by the old St. Augustine's brewery for some authentic monk-brewed beer....

The beer hall was pretty emtpy:

But we eventually found everyone outside:
Old-fashioned kegs:

On the walk home we found this rock:


Anonymous said...

I am's so beautiful.

Nancy said...

Mom and Dad were spoiled to live here for a year. Want to send us, Mom and Dad?

Anonymous said...

Nein danke mein liebe, aber sie konnen zahlen fur mich!! (Only had to look up a few of those words...).

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