Thursday, September 8, 2011

You Look Happy to Greet Me

1.5 hours of driving from Switzerland, through Austria, and into Germany I arrived on the the little island of Lindau in the middle of the Bodensee in southwest Germany.  I pulled up the restaurant we decide on and was ecstatic to find Trevor waiting out side on the steps with his suitcase.  He was a little hung over from the end-of-conference party the night before, and well, I was completely exhausted from lack of sleep and over-anxiety...but we found each other....and without the help of cell phones!  

Tired much?

 We had lunch at a little outdoor cafe

Then walked around by the lake

 Awesome views all around:

The lion statue




Trevor's hotel during the conference

Driving in Germany!
 Scenes from the German counrtyside from Lindau to Fussen:

Then we headed to Fussen to stay at a little bed and breakfast
B&B parking lot


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