Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tour of Dachau

So as if our German introduction with Suzanne wasn't depressing enough, the next day we visited Dachau concentration camp outside Munich.  Dachau was the first concentration camp setup in Germany and it's layout was used as a prototype for other camps.  It still is unbelievable that these places actually existed for the purposes they were used for....  but it happened, sadly enough.

old factory were captives were forced to work

the camp was set up to house 6,000 captives.  At it's close there were over 32,000 people.  hundreds and thousands lost there lives within these walls...

the entry gates

the roll call square

in use

not in use

Hitler was here

these trees have seen pure evil

The bunks:

Most of the bunks have been destroyed.  Only 2 buildings were left standing to serve as a museum.

These plots describe how prisoners housed in different buildings were used for different medical experiments....sick, sick, sick....

The Jewish Memorial

Fans of the USA

A convent which was late established at one end

ditches flanked either side of a barbed wire electrical fence

desperate prisoners oftentimes rushed the ditch...being shot to death was a much better fate

The crematorium

This room was once stacked with dead bodies

A gas chamber was setup for mass murder...although not used at this facility.

The gravesites:

A lot of evil happened here..

Map of concentration camps through out Europe....

The same town hall in Munich previously adorned with a Nazi swastika:
Translation:  Our Last Hope.... Hitler  

They got that one wrong....


Anonymous said...

Unbeleivable horror. I remember the day I went there, poured rain.

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