Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Leffe for the Lady

Leffe, made by monks and strong as moonshine.  Yes sir, I'll have another.  It's a Tuesday night, but hey the sun is finally shining and I'm in good company.  They're on vacation.  I'm well, hey sure, I guess you could call this a vacation... Let's do it.

The night started with me leaving work at that calls for a beer.  My cousin is hanging out in the Kings Garden with his friends.  Perfect.  I grab a 6 pack of Tuborg and a bag of OstePops (Cheese puffs) and head over.  The OstePops become my dinner, and beer my appetizer, side dish, dessert, and seconds.

Beer in the park.   Beer at the bar....stagger home at 2am.....

Next morning.....

My brain feels like it's shrinking and starting to peel away from the inside of my skull.  I check the clock....8:35....8:35?!?!?!  Crap!   E-mail the boss I'll be in late.  Chug a water bottle full of ice cold water....Aaaahhhhh brain freeze!  My head is pounding.  I quickly change out of the clothes I wore yesterday which had since become my pajamas and head for the train.  No shower this morning.

I make the train with a couple of minutes to spare and proceed to mentally curse myself for being an irresponsible drunk for the next 30 minutes.  I am so wrapped up in telling myself off that I miss my stop.  S*%T!!!  What is wrong with me!?  I get off at the next stop.  The next train heading back in the right direction arrives in 20 minutes.  That is just fantastic.  Pull out a book and settle down.

Work was surprisingly uneventful given the miserable start of the day and after a 5 hour nap, it finally feels good to be alive again.


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