Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day Late but the Nights are Long

Trevor was supposed to arrive in Denmark on a Monday morning.  Unfortunately he missed his connection and the next flight out was 24 hours later.  So he was stuck in the USA for an extra day.  Fortunately he did not get very far.  He made it to Los Angeles.  It was Sunday, July 3rd, and conveniently our good friend Reni was hosting a little Independence Day get together and surprisingly he found out that a lot of his good friends were in town and even more suprisingly our couple friend, Breanna & Steve, had recently got engaged!  He had a nice little 24 hour layover:

For those counting, that makes 7 pairs of lovebirds to look out for in the upcoming year or two:

Tara & Al

Heather & Petie

Lloyd & Amy

Linda & Steve

Lexine & Bryan

Bessie & Kevin

Breanna & Steve

Trevor is now in Copenhagen (has been for a week almost) and for all those inquiring minds that want to know, he did pack multiple pairs of matching socks ;)

He arrived on Tuesday and we met my Danish cousin, Esben, and his girlfriend, Emile, and her friend, Mia, out at the jazz festival going on around town.  We grabbed some sandwiches, watched the show, then grabbed a few beers and headed to sit in the sun by the canals.  Later we walked back to our neighborhood on Islands Brygge, grabbed some more beer and snacks and listened to another jazz band while watching the sunset over the city.

dead bug

Crew in Denmark



Esben and Emilie finding the good jazz.  Hi Mia!

Lounging in the sun

Danish friends

Towards my apartment

Trev and Esben talking economics

Hanging out in Islands Brygge

When in Denmark

Wednesday we went to a nice little dinner with co-workers downtown at a place called Madklubben which translates to "cooking club."

Thursday we went back out the the jazz festival with my cousin, back to my old stomping grounds, The Cafe Bopa.  Cafe Bopa was the little corner cafe down the street from my old apartment.  I would go here often, oftentimes alone.  I would sit outside on the sheepskin chairs with a wool blanket over me  while wearing a wool coat, fur lined boots, 2 hats, gloves under my mittens, trying-to-drink-my-coffee-before-it goes cold, and having an I'm-really-trying-to-love-Europe-even-though-its-f-f-f-freezing kind of Sunday morning brunch.

This time Cafe Bopa is hot, crowded, impossibly crowded. I am moist with my own sweat, the person's next to me sweat, the beer that I keep pouring on myself every time someone bumps into me, and the trumpet player's spit valve ejaculation because I am standing right in front of the band.  Seriously the trombone playe had to play over my head to prevent hitting me in the face...BUT, it was awesome.  And I'm really not pretending to love it anymore hah.

The week ended with a Friday night 40th birthday party for my American co-worker's cousin's husband... who is now my friend so I will say that from now on to avoid confusion.   Festivities included drinking champagne, drinking wine, drinking German beer, jumping on the trampoline, eating delicious food including a wild boar that was killed by someone they know near their summer cabin in Sweden, eating delicious cake, having good conversations with new friends, and falling asleep at the table.

Danish baby Sebastain

Sebastian's brother Matthias

Sidsel, Jesper, and kids

cutting the cake with the family

The Birthday Boy


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