Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trulie and the Twister Sisters

When a friend from California who has a boyfriend getting his PhD who once worked with another Danish PhD student and his Danish professor and hey well since I'm going to be in Denmark would I want to meet them, I say "Hells yes!"  And I'm so very glad I did, because we were then invited to a "Twister Party"....a round robin tournament-style night of bending, stretching, muscle-tearing contortionism.  Well, I know you will not be surprised to hear that yours truly won the overall competition, but you should have seen the even-more unexpected runner up...  TREVOR! (so proud!)

We were lucky enough to be paired with some very young, very flexible sisters. .. the twister sisters.

Rasmus  and Morgen getting into it

Trevor embracing his inner speed skater

Team Apologies vs. Team SB

Team MJs only loss


feelin pretty unflexible

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Trevor was fortunate to have a very flexible partner

Trevor won

Rune the Twister Master, and party host

Ingeborg having it easy

Dorthe getting a good stretch

This is easy


Win together, Lose together



The night ended in a dance party:

And the morning started before we could make it home:

 ...Fun times...


Nancy said...

Haha. This are some active people!

Kelly said...

Yay! I am friend! Glad you had such a good time!! I knew you would! Rune and Kirsten are the best!! So are you guys!

Anonymous said...

I hope no one had beans for dinner!!

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