Friday, July 15, 2011

Bugs and slugs (for Jimmy...(and Elyse))

In Denmark slugs are called snails.  Snails are also called snails.  I found these snails on my way home from work one day:

this snail is huge and plump and it sort of looks like dog poo with a baby deer head.

snail house rocks
 These are some bugs I collected from around the house.  We don't have screens or air conditioning so the windows are always open and we get a lot of visitors of the invertebrate kind:

this one had a baby on it's wing

All together now:

All together now....

 All together now....


Jimmy said...

HAHAHAHAHA Awesome... The fly with the yellow spots is amazing! You should make them all characters in another fly drama like last time!

Trevor said...

Elyse, your thoughts?

The fly pic with the baby on board is actually kind of endearing.

elyse said...

That is quite a cornucopia of flies...bee mimicks, green bottle, musca domestica(?), and one wasp. At least you don't have the slugs coming in through your window. What's up with "no screens"? Trevor is currently in WR and we were discussing the fly "with baby." I'm sorry to ruin the illusion, but I don't think those flies were actually flying around together in life - as cute as that may have been.

I'm with Jim - I encourage you to do more art with bugs.

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