Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Blog about Beer

Sunday started around 3am when we finally got home from our bike ride and went to bed:

Later that morning we went to brunch with my good friend, Vibe, at a a cute little cafe that reminded me of Alice in Wonderland with cute little mismatching teacups and saucers and cute little forks and spoons.  All you can eat brunch buffet...don't mind if I do.

Then we trotted over to the Carlsberg brewery....

Where we were faced with lots of asian tourists with jackets reading: "Visit Sweden!"

Carlsberg or Carl Jacobsen was a big fan of the elephants.  He named the statues after his children and even kept one as a pet at the brewery....

Some old modes of beer transportation:

 The previous symbol on their beers:
Caption:  the swastika is a recurring symbol on Carl Jacobsen's buildings at Carlsberg - an indian sign meeting "that which is good."  It becomes the trademark of New Carlsberg in 1881 but it was removed in 1940-1945 when its ancient meaning has been forgotten.

The brew master and father of Carl and Carlsberg (named after his son, Carl and berg or hill)

the brew masters

The bottle collenction:
Over 20,000 different types of beers and counting...


old beer

The old Brewhouse employees:

Add beer to your diet.  It's nutritional!

Danish social lunch hour: past to present

Little Mermaid (replica)

are her feet fins really like that?

Carlsberg horses

short and stout

power horse

Gamle Carlsberg, the Old Carlsberg

Snow White in the park?  What a pleasant surprise!

Apparently this Snow White story was about a girl who had a evil hair dresser and when she touched Snow White's hair with her evil comb Snow White was knocked out cold....or something weird like that.... just a slight spin off of the original tale:

Some pretty scientific stuff happened at the brewery:  purification of yeast, and the development of the pH scale!  I LOVE science!

A visit from the British Queen

mmmm beer

the factory floor

Trevor and his Carlsberg Special

Me and Vibe

Breath Allyzer.  10 Kroner.  I blew a 4.0.... looks like I'm taking the bus home....

Afterwards we went over Vibe and Thomas's house for BBQ in the rain.
Danish summertime dessert: koldskal and cookies.  Koldskal is a milk / yogurt / egg /  sugar-based pudding food and it's refreshingly delicious

Danish Kitty, King Ludwig

Smoking the liquorice pipe and lookin' sleepy


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