Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Out and Aboat

Yes, that man has no pants.... Velkommen to Scandinavia

Ahh my first Saturday to sleep in.... sleep in till 1pm exactly =)  Still not a moment wasted.  We had a big egg breakfast and went for a walk.

This is 1 block from my apartment

Everyone's just hanging out
 We stopped at the Fisketorvet Mall to look for some good Danish design ideas.
Trevor found a banana holder.  So if you put your banana in this and then put it in your purse, it won't get smushed...good idea

Inside the mall there is a little food court with a Pizza House (similar to our Pizza Hut) and there is also a "INDIAN Mexican Restaurant," decorated with Native American paraphinalia and run by actual Indians or Middle Easterners.  Food choices include, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Indian (from India)?  Confusing, but delicious...

We walked around outside the mall near the canals and found a place where we could rent a little motorboat and go wherever we wanted.  So we did!

Trev drove

I drank

that's the bridge I woke across to get to the train for work

Capt. O Grady to the rescue

chased by the tourist boat

the old parlament

The End....of Saturday afternoon that is! The night has yet to begin...


Anonymous said...

Julie and Trevor seem very happy!

Bridget said...

I love clouds.

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