Friday, July 1, 2011

Sex A Day

Danish Commercial:

Uma Therman:  "Want to have Schwepps?"

Guy:  "Uma, did you just ask me if I wanted to have sex?"

Uma: "No, I said want to have Schwepps?" in Schwepps soda.

At work, one co-worker was telling a story about how her little 5-year old daughter is obsessed with her husband's penis.  The co-worker's daughter constantly asks if she can see and touch her father's weener.  She explains to her daughter that no, no, no, only mommy and daddy can see and touch daddy's penis.  Another co-worker says she hopes the little girl doesn't transfer those interests to the boys in her kindergarten class....   These are the types of discussions that go on in the break room at work.  No one finds it out of line. 

The Danish word for "six" is "seks."  The Danish word for "sex" is "sex."  Phonetically sex and six sound exaclty the same in the Danish language.  In the late 90's the Danish equivalent of the USDA launched a campaign to promote healthy eating.  Their campaign slogan was: "6 om Dagen"  or "6 a Day."  Meaning everyone should eat 6 servings of vegetables each and every day.  Some Danish marketing genius put two and two together and because six and sex sound the same, might as well make the vegetables having sex...six times a day.  That will get the kids to eat their vegetables:
This is the real image of Carrot Man and Broccoli Lady that was used in the Danish public ads.... posted at bus stops, store fronts etc. not hidden from the public eye of school children.


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