Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wherever I wander, wherever I roam, if I can get on a Train, or a Bike, or a Boat I'll get home

Trevor's last full weekend in Denmark.  What to do...what to do?  Trevor wants to go to Sweden.  I want to go for a bike ride.  Why not bike ride to Sweden?  Done and done.  Well Friday night, we stayed up pretty late and had a few beers, surprise surprise.  Which means that Saturday we slept till noon, surprise surprise.  Bad start to a long day.  We take the train from Dybbolsbro to Hillerod with our bikes.  The trip takes less than an hour and we are about 40 kilometers north of the city...

Trevor has a baby seat on his bike where he keeps his back pack

train ride

We get off at the Hillerod station and head out to Gilleleje, a small quiant fishing village on the north side of Zealand (the island that Copenhagen is on):

Hillerod station

S train is the best train


scenes a long the way

taking in the Danish countryside

Danish bike lanes 

nerd alert 
thatch roofs are all the rave


25 kilometers and a few sweaty hills later we arrive in Gilleleje:

the tour de dankse team

Trevor was so hungry he ate fisk!

Then we got the most delicious ice cream cone ever

everything I always wanted and more....

fish shack

Trevy loves his ice cream

back on the bikes

Good-bye Gilleleje!
 We head east from Gilleleje along the coast and more beach towns:

hello baltic sea!

This looks like a good place to stop and have a sit

at this point I'm dying... so hey why not  take pictures
Denmark doesn't have any mountains, but that doesn't mean it lacks hills.  And when you have a beater bike with only 3 gears to begin with and you're stuck in the hardest one, well after 75 kilometers of slight hills, I think you'd be about ready to call it quits as well....

We made it to Helsingor, Home of the Kronborg castle.  You may remember this castle from earlier posts such as Building Blocks and Sleeping Rocks.  It's the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet and in the basement is a statue of Holger the Dane.  We didn't go inside because by the time we arrived it was well past 7pm and I'm pretty sure the place closes at 5pm .... like most things in Denmark do.

Since we're here, we might as well go to Sweden.  One of the closest connections between Denmark and Sweden is at Helsingor (DK) and Helsingbor (Sweden).  There is a ferry that runs back and forth between the two cities that runs every hour.
on to the ferry

hello boat

bar on the boat... it's a 15 minute ride... time enough for one beer

Kronborg Castle in the distance

Your Majesty manning the staircase

and her husband the Prince who will never be King because he isn't in the royal bloodline and who lots of people aren't very fond of because he still can't speak Danish very well.....

beer on the balcony

Stepping foot in Sweden:

The ferry station

it's a pretty quiet town to be honest

The Nature Compnay

some church

then we stumlbed upon this watefall and fortress

This naked guy stepping on some guys head, i don't know the background


oh hi!


and we found this old school castle built in the 1100's or something crazy.  It used ot have a fortress wall around it but now not so much is left.  Pretty amazing how old it is.

so serious in Sweden

Drawing of what Helsingbor used to look like 

this guy's checking out what sort of goods are behind the statue
We decided to have dinner in Sweden at a restaurant called the Tivoli.  Maybe we should have decided something else.  We got nachos and fried chicken and french fries.  They give you a huge tub of mayo with your fries.  Trev nearly barfed:

Tehn back to the ferry

This little booth on the ferry is a smoking booth,  You walk inside and the doors close.  You can smoke your brains out without disturbing others and then come out and be on your merry way...

Coming into Helsingor 

We left the house around 1:30pm and returned around 2:30am. Exhausting.


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